When Kelley Paynter Deal moved to Rocky Mount in early 2001 to begin a career in public relations, she was originally drawn to the area for its professional opportunities, quality of life and FULL ARTICLE
With big-name pharmacies seemingly located on every other corner in many cities, it is refreshing to see that Rocky Mount remains a bit different. The city is still home to several pharmacies that FULL ARTICLE
Rocky Mount and its surrounding region are lucky to have a diverse business sector, with everything from startup companies to large corporations. A key reason why businesses are successful here is FULL ARTICLE
In an age when cruising, tweeting and connecting are vital daily occurrences, the Rocky Mount Area Chamber of Commerce maintains a prime location on the information highway. "Our new website has FULL ARTICLE
Eastern North Carolina is open for business, thanks to a growing generation of entrepreneurs who've chosen to call Rocky Mount home. Helping to foster that independent spirit is the NorthEastern FULL ARTICLE