City Lake is a Popular Gathering Spot

Whatever the season‚ there’s always something to do at City Lake. Locals can often be found there during warmer months fishing‚ walking or simply lounging with friends. During the winter‚ the community gathers at the lake to enjoy a festive display of Christmas lights.

“It really has become a symbol for the city‚” says Pete Armstrong‚ parks and recreation director for the City of Rocky Mount.

The lake was created in the 1930s as a WPA project on the outskirts of downtown. About 10 years ago‚ the city and private contributors had the lake refurbished. Along with landscaping improvements‚ the city gave ducks and other waterfowl a home at City Lake.

“It’s a very popular spot‚ and people take very good care of it‚” Armstrong says. “Ducks present some challenges eating the flowers. But other than that‚ it’s not much trouble.”

The lake is expected to play a key role in Rocky Mount’s future recreation plans. Armstrong says the lake’s walking trail is the anchor for a greenway project that will link City Lake with Martin Luther King Park – another popular recreation space.